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Javier Sanz V Colorado 2016

Javier Sanz

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Javier Sanz, V Colorado 2016 D.O. Rueda, Valladolid Spanien
100% „Tinta Unica“
(sonst total unbekannte autochthone Traube)
0,75 Liter
13,5% Alk. Enthhält Sulfite

“Javier Sanz Viticultor is a winery created in Rueda in 1990 in the village of La Seca after four generations working the vineyards. Sanz has recovered an old Verdejo clone he calls 'malcorta' with higher acidity and very floral aromas. He works 104 hectares of vineyards, some of them extremely old. He might be better known by his brand Viña Narcisa. 700,000 bottles per vintage.“

 – Luis Gutiérrez für Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

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